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Hey Alexa, what’s your favorite toy? Here are the best Alexa-enabled toys


Alexa-enabled Toys
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The Amazon Echo is great for controlling your smart home and playing music, but it can also be used for fun, enhancing games, powering some of the best Alexa-enabled toys you've ever seen. Whether you're enjoying a night in or playing outside with your friends, these are some of the best Alexa-compatible toys you can buy.

Smart board game:

Escape Room in a Box

Staff pick

The next time you have an hour to spare, Escape Room in a Box is a cooperative board game for up to eight players. You need to solve puzzles and find hidden clues to survive. It connects with Alexa to give hints and play accommodating music, adding a layer of immersion to the game.

Trivia board game:

When in Rome

When in Rome is a travel-oriented trivia board game that tests your knowledge of 20 cities around the world. Just like Escape Room in a Box, When in Rome ties into Alexa to add music, sound effects, and even character voices. If you have an Amazon-powered speaker like an Echo Dot, Alexa can host your game, keeping score, and reading the game's rules.

$8 at Amazon

Twist and shout:

Twister Ultimate

This edition of Twister is a larger version of the old favorite, perfect for families or larger gatherings. When you enable the Twister Spinner Alexa Skill in the Alexa app, you can have Alexa dictate the instructions and gameplay.

Have a ball:

Play Impossible Gameball

If you prefer physical activities over board games, the Play Impossible Gameball is an excellent option. It's a Bluetooth-connected ball with sensors inside that track speed, airtime, and catch force to create interactive games within the Play Impossible app. Whether you're playing by yourself or with friends, there are 10 free games available. Play Impossible is bringing Alexa support soon to handle tracking and start games.

Next Food TV star:

Kidkraft Amazon Alexa 2-in-1 Kitchen

Playing kitchen and pretending to be a grown-up has long been a little kids' pastime. This connected playset has smart pots and pans, a smart faucet, a smart oven, cutting board, and stovetop. Best of all, it works with Alexa.

$299 at Amazon

Beam me up:

Star Trek Next Generation Communicator Badge

This one is for the Trekkie cosplayer in all of us. The communicator works over Bluetooth and can relay calls and music from your smartphone, and it responds to commands for Alexa (and Siri or Google Assistant).

$50 at Walmart

Twerks with Alexa:

Gemmy the Twerking Bear

Admit it – this one made you smile just a bit. Not only will this stuffed bear strut his stuff, but Gemmy can lip-sync Alexa spoken responses and dance along to music played through Amazon Music. It will also react when you call out "Alexa" and respond to timers, alarms, and notifications.


$17 at Amazon

Make a game out of bedtime:

VOBOT Bunny Sleep Trainer

Parents of toddlers and small children know what a battle it can be to get their little ones to sleep. The VOBOT Bunny helps make the process more enjoyable for everyone involved. It has customizable night-lights and sleep-sounds, and with Alexa, it can tell stories and play music. Parents can control the device through an app on their phone or with Alexa.

$56 at Amazon

Is there an Echo in here?:

All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition

This kid-friendly version of the popular Echo dot is a fun way to introduce your little ones to Alexa. It comes with one free year of Free Time Unlimited, which includes lots of age-appropriate music, jokes, stories, games, and other content. It also features powerful parental controls over content and access.

Alexa can be fun too!

Though the selection of Alexa-powered devices such as toys is still relatively slim, Amazon has been working with major toymakers like Hasbro to expand its smart toy catalog through its Alexa Gadgets program. For now, though, board games like Escape Room in a Box

are an inexpensive, accessible way to entertain yourself and friends with Alexa. We also think some of the novelty gadgets like Gemmy the Twerking Bear and the KidKraft 2-in-1 kitchen are a fun way to interact with Amazon's smart assistant.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is a great way to introduce youngsters to the vast capabilities of Alexa in a fun, controlled way. It is worth noting that any Echo, Fire TV, or Fire tablet device comes with Alexa built-in, and features a huge library of paid and free interactive games and skills that can provide hours of entertainment.

We hope to see this area of the Alexa ecosystem continue to expand over the coming months and years, and encourage you to try some of these great toys for yourself!

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