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Here’s the C SEED M1, a $400,000 Folding MicroLED TV that can be housed in your floor


Meet the C SEED M1, a huge 165 inch folding MicroLED TV that would be a dream for Netflix binge watchers and minimalism enthusiasts alike, since its huge screen can be folded and housed into your home’s floor.

The C SEED M1 is different from the flexible OLED TVs that companies like LG provides. It users MicroLED over regular OLED, and does not simply roll into a box when not in use. For those unaware, MicroLED technology is one of the futures of display technology, as it combines the best features of the current leading screen technologies with self illuminated RGB pixels that do not require a backlight and use inorganic compounds to prevent burn out faced by organic compounds used in regular OLED panels.

Furthermore, the screens are also more power efficient as well, allowing for slimmer displays that can produce whites and blacks that can even rival the best TVs that are currently available in the market. However, a major downfall to this technology is that has yet to be made into a flexible panel, unlike OLEDs. In other words, it’s difficult to make a giant 165 inch TV disappear into the floor. But to make this possible, C SEED has opted to use five separate panels that can fold into each other, similar to a giant fan.


This is one of the advantages of MicroLED panels, which can be used to assemble a much larger TV from smaller panels. These assemblies are also seamless, so it appears as a giant uniform display at the end. The company also stated that the M1 users a feature called the Adaptive Gap Calibration so that there is no discrepancy in the image being displayed between the multiple panels. These image optimizations are to c orrect any slight difference in brightness of edge pixels or to hide any shadows that could potentially create seam lines between panels.


The C SEED M1 is available in gold, black, or even titanium finishes. And for the kicker, it’s priced at a whopping 400,000 US Dollars. Also, this figure does not include the renovations one has to make to house the television in the floor. Meaning, you have to hire a contractor separately to ensure that you get a completely seamless experience.



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