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Having trouble sleeping these days? This weighted blanket is for you.


Ahhhhh, wubby!!!Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my slumber's nice and deep.
Chaos outside invades my mind,
I toss and turn and can't unwind.

A heavy quilt will quell my rousing.
Under its soft hold, I soon am drowsing.
So if you need a good night's rest,
A weighted blanket is the BEST!

I got my weighted blanket as a present almost three years ago, and I truly can't imagine ever going back to sweltering under a pile of comforters and quilts trying to find enough weight to feel comfy and safe without overheating and waking myself up feverish instead. Weighted blankets might not be for everyone — and everyone has their own weight preferences — but if you've been tossing and turning with no help from melatonin or white noise machines, maybe it's time to try a new wubby while it's on sale for Prime Day.

Get a good night's sleep

YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

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From twin to king sizes, these weighted blankets can help push restlessness out of your sleep cycle. Double check the weight recommendation for your bed type and body size in order to ensure the best experience.

I'm on my second weighted blanket right now, and I want to help you avoid the two mistakes with my first purchase. First and foremost, get the bamboo-covered weighted blanket instead of the cotton version. Yes, the bamboo is a few dollars more expensive, but it's worth it for two reasons:

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  • The bamboo is softer and cooler-feeling than the cotton, and when dealing with heavy bedding, take all the cooling you can get!
  • Bamboo more sustainable than cotton, and the Oeko-Tex certification is there to prove the blanket is eco-friendly and free of harmful substances.
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You're also going to want to get a Bamboo duvet cover to cover the blanket with — because washing a 2-pound duvet cover is a heck of a lot easier than breaking your washing machine trying to wash a 15-20-pound weighted blanket — but having the blanket itself adds some extra cooling and comfort. It also means that if you forget to move the duvet cover from the washing machine to the dryer, the naked blanket won't feel as hot to sleep under.

The other mistake buyers sometimes make is to over-estimate which weight they can take. It's better to have a blanket that's a little lighter and then add on one more quilt than to have a blanket that's too heavy. A weighted blanket that's too heavy and go from feeling comforting to feeling constricting, and you can injure yourself trying to shift the blanekt in your sleep if it's too heavy for you. Look at the weight chart and pick the weight class that fits your weight class best.

Yes, this may end up being too light — I'm about ready to upgrade from a 17-pounder to a 20-pounder myself — but you can always upgrade down the line or augment with secondary quilts. If you buy a quilt and it's too heavy, your sleep isn't going to get better and you'll probably throw your back or shoulder out.

Now, I think I hear my weighted blanket calling me… Oyasumi!

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