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Have a smart home? The $50 Echo Show 5 during Black Friday is a must-have


Following the launch of the very first Echo in 2014, Amazon's lineup of Alexa-powered gadgets has grown at an impressive rate. This year alone has seen the launch of quite a few new hardware offerings, one of which being the Echo Show 5.

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon's most affordable Echo speaker with a screen, allowing for a laundry list of extra features you simply don't get with a screen-less speaker.

We think the Show 5 is a tremendous value with its normal retail price of $90, but with the sale Amazon's offering during Black Friday, the Show 5 goes from a great deal to something that smart home enthusiasts and novices alike simply can't ignore. Even if you already have a Show 5 in your home, this special Black Friday pricing is so good that you might as well add another one (or two) to your other rooms.

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Amazon Echo Show 5

Good display, great price

It may not be the most technically impressive Echo Show you can buy, but if you want to get a lot of bang-for-your-buck, the Show 5 is in insta-buy territory with this Black Friday deal. It has a 5.5-inch screen that can do everything from watching Hulu to following recipes, supports video calls, and has a speaker that's more than good enough for casual music listening.

$49.99 $89.99 $40 off

See at Amazon $50 at Best Buy

Smart speakers with displays are still relatively new, so if you're not all that familiar with them, you may be unsure what exactly you can use them for. The short answer — a lot.

When you ask about the weather, the Echo Show 5 will show a visual forecast along with the spoken response, giving you more information related to your question. It's also always showing the current time, and using Amazon Photos, you can set up the Show 5 to play through a gallery of your favorite pictures.

The Show 5 is also a great tool in the kitchen, as it allows you to follow step-by-step recipes so you can whip up a delicious dinner or dessert without having to flip through a cookbook or get your phone messy. You can use the Show 5 as a miniature TV, allowing you to stream video from apps like Hulu, and it's also great for music as there are playback controls on-screen so you can skip through songs with just a quick tap.


Above the Show 5's 5.5-inch display is a 1MP camera, allowing you to have video calls on the smart speaker. You can make calls to other friends or family members that also have an Echo Show device, or to anyone that has a Skype account. Plus, for those times when you want a bit more privacy, you can move a physical shutter in front of the Show 5's camera.


All of the Alexa commands you know and love are present on the Echo Show 5, meaning you can use it to add appointments to your calendar, set alarms, control other smart home devices, and so on. The actual speaker inside the Show 5 isn't the best we've ever heard, but it's more than good enough for hearing Alexa's responses and casual music/podcast listening.

As you can see, there's a lot you can do with the Show 5. It's a powerful gadget for any smart home, and if you've yet to jump on the Alexa bandwagon, it's a fantastic place to get started — especially at just $50 for Black Friday.

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