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Hate-watch all of Game of Thrones for $100 during Prime Day


Daenerys Meme Face Game Of ThronesSource: HBO

Prime Day means fantastic deals on some of the best TV show collections and movies… and some maybe not so great, like Game of Thrones. Because it's 2020 and none of us have anything better to do than stay at home and watch TV until our brains turn to mush, now's the perfect time to pick up some new Blu-rays, including this Game of Thrones complete Blu-ray set for 51% off.

Winter is coming

Game of Thrones Complete Blu-ray Set

I can't think of any more puns

I lied, here's another pun: You won't Ygritte buying this. OK maybe you will, but at least the first few seasons are good. Either way you can't argue that this show defined an era of TV watching, so why not own the show that left a mark?

What is dead may never die except for our will to live. I'm only half kidding. Yes, the ending of the show absolutely sucked. It was terrible, but there is something to be said about how entertaining it was to make fun of it. Plus, the first four seasons are incredible. Silver linings and all that.


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While you enjoy seasons 1-4, here's what you can do with the rest of the discs:

  • Use them as doorstops
  • Coasters
  • Dog toys
  • Frisbees
  • Plates
  • Decorate your room like the 90s
  • Practice juggling
  • ??? (Choose your own adventure)

And when you're done hate-watching Game of Thrones, maybe actually try some good HBO shows like Watchmen and Lovecraft Country. I promise they're some of the best that have been on TV in recent years. Did I just use this as an excuse to complain about Game of Thrones? Mayhaps.

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