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H. Moser & Cie unveils a $30,800 successor to its Apple Watch clone


H. Moser & Cie has just unveiled a 30,800 US Dollars successor to its original Apple Watch clone. The wearable is the company’s latest launch and arrives as the “Final Upgrade” of its Swiss Alp Watch.


According to an AppleInsider report, the new ultra premium Swiss Alp Watch also follows a similar design and mechanical timepiece that has been crafted in a manner to resemble the Apple Watch. The overall design is similar to the Cupertino based giant’s smartwatch, which features a rectangular design with curved edges and a crown on the side. Although, the Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade arrives with a few additional and pricey tweaks.

Talking about its specifications, the Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade is fully mechanical and features the brand’s proprietary and wound Calibre HMC 324 with a 96-hour power reserve. The case is a DLC treated stainless steel. Furthermore, the company even coated the dial in Vantablack to mimic the OLED display of an Apple Watch. For those unaware, Vantablack is the world’s darkest substance color that was artificially created to absorb up to 99.6 percent of all visible light.


Another interesting addition to make the watch resemble the Apple Watch is the addition of a series of apertures with a small seconds disc painted in a white gradient. The original Swiss Alp Watch was launched as a satirical poke towards the iPhone maker and smartwatches in general. As per H. Moser & Cie’s official notes, “No updates required, no lousy autonomy, no unnecessary features, no annoying notifications, just the only reminder you ever really need: To disconnect from all the noise and cherish each and every moment.” The company will only be making 50 pieces, with each one priced at 30,800 US Dollars.




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