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GUCCI releases new AirPods cases priced at $1,100 and $460 respectively


Apple is a classic tech company. Similarly, Gucci is one of the popular luxury fashion brands. When the latter makes accessories for the former, we expect them to be costlier. Unsurprisingly, that is the fact for the new Gucci cases for AirPods.

GUCCI AirPods Pro Case and GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case
GUCCI AirPods Pro Case (left) & GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case (right)

The Italian fashion brand has released two new cases for Apple AirPods. The first one is called ‘GUCCI AirPods Pro Case’. It can be worn around the neck like a mini handbag using the detachable strap.

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As the name suggests, this accessory is designed for the AirPods Pro. It is made of beige & ebony colored GG Supreme canvas, leather, and metal. The case also features a faux lock and key inspired by the brand’s ‘Padlock’ rande and a ‘Bamboo Line’-inspired handle. Lastly, the inside of the case is red in color and comes with magnetic closure.


On the other second, the second new accessory is called ‘GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case’. Unlike the former case, this one can be attached to a belt loop or bag, thanks to the presence of a clasp. Further, the case is made of black leather and golden colored metal. It also sports the iconic double G GUCCI logo.


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GUCCI AirPods Pro Case 01

GUCCI AirPods Pro Case 02

GUCCI AirPods Pro Case 03

GUCCI AirPods Pro Case 04

GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case 01

GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case 02

GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case 03

GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case 04

Now, coming to the prices, the GUCCI AirPods Pro Case costs a whopping $1,100, whereas the GUCCI GG Marmont AirPods Case is priced at $460.

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