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Grab Native Union’s wireless chargers for 20% off on Prime Day


Native Union Drop Xl Wireless ChargerSource: Native Union

If you have ever walked into an Apple Store, you'll know that Native Union's line of wireless chargers has taken the place of Apple's doomed AirPower. Native Union, in addition to making other popular accessories for Apple products, Native Union makes some of the most elegant and capable wireless chargers for any phone out there today. Their level of detail and craftsmanship has enabled them to grace the shelves of the Apple Store as the company's recommended wireless charger of choice.

In fact, they even made Android Central's Best Wirless Chargers of 2020.

The one thing that has potentially been a roadblock to adding these wireless chargers to your home or office is the price. Native Union chargers are certainly not cheap – you definitely pay for the quality you are getting. However, the company has decided to join in on Prime Day and discount their chargers by as much as 20%! Check out some of the best deals to find the right charger for your needs.

Drop in the bucket

Native Union Drop wireless charger

The most beautiful, simple wireless charger you can get

The Native Union Drop will fast-charge your your iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy, or any other compatible phone, has a non-slip surface, and includes the charging cable – all in a beautiful, minimalistic package.


Dock it

Native Union Dock wireless charger stand

Watch some Apple TV+ while grabbing a charge at work

The Native Union Dock takes the drop vertical and allows you to charge your phone at a comfortable viewing angle. You'll get the same fast-charging whether you charge your phone vertically or horizontally, and it already includes the charging cable.

Charge more

Native Union Drop XL wireless charger

Charge all the things in style

The Native Union Drop XL takes the Drop and adds an additional surface to charge two devices wirelessly at once. It also includes a USB port to plug in and charge a third device, so you could charge your phone, headphones, and smart watch all with this one charger.

If you have been waiting for the right time to pick up some high-quality wireless chargers, Native Union's Prime Day sale is a perfect time to up your wireless charging game.

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