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Grab a case that comes from the same place as your Note 20


After months of anticipation, Samsung's latest Unpacked event provided us with the brand-new Galaxy Note 20 lineup, along with other devices. But with handsets that start at $1,000, you'll definitely want to get a case for your fancy new phone, and luckily Samsung has a slew of options to choose from.

Just the basics:

Silicone Cover

Staff Pick

The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are already large and bulky, so you may not want to get a case that adds too much bulk. That's where the Silicone Cover comes in. It measures in at just 1.6mm, adding minimal bulk, while the soft-touch finish makes it easy to hold.

$30 at Samsung

Show off the bronze:

Clear Cover

Where's the fun in getting either the Mystic Green or Bronze color options, only if you're going to be hiding them behind a case? The Clear Cover ensures that you can show off your phone all of the time, proudly confirming your Note fandom without popping the case on and off all the time.

$20 at Samsung


Smart LED Wallet Cover

This Wallet Cover from Samsung has been making its rounds for a few years now, even extending down to the standard "S" lineup. There is an array of LEDs built into the front flap that display the time and notifications. On the inside flap, there's a single pocket for your ID, credit card, or some cash.

$65 at Samsung


Just a window:

Smart Clear View Cover

Another case that has been around for a few years now is the Smart View Cover (S-View). You'll find a window on the right-hand side, which shows you the time, date, and battery remaining. At the bottom of the window, all of your most recent notifications will be displayed, so you don't have to flip the cover open to deal with everything.

$50 at Samsung


Kvadrat Cover

This Kvadrat Cover might have an odd name, but there's nothing odd about it when you're talking about protection. The design may look familiar, only because more OEMs are jumping on the fabric case train, but the Kvadrat Cover is made from 100% recycled materials. Along with offering a slim profile, the texture adds a little bit more grip and there are two colors to choose from.

$35 at Samsung

Luxurious protection:

Leather Cover

There's just something about having a Leather Cover for your smartphone that adds to the overall elegance. Those who opt to stick with this case will enjoy the patina that develops over time, provided that you opt for the brown leather option. But, the Leather Cover also comes in white or black if you'd rather switch things up.

$50 at Samsung

Clear and rugged:

Clear Protective Cover

There are clear cases that just provide minimal protection, and then there's the Clear Protective case. Samsung created this case with a non-slip pattern on the sides to improve the overall grip when you're using the Note 20. And you have the option of choosing between a white frame or a black one to match your style and your new phone.

$40 at Samsung

Multiple kickstands:

Rugged Protective Cover

Outside of having a card slot for your credit cards or IDs, the Rugged Protective Cover provides you everything one could want from a case. There's solid drop protection, improved grip on the sides, and two kickstands built into the back. These kickstands make it possible for you to watch your videos comfortably with either the 60-degree or 45-degree viewing angles.

$40 at Samsung

You'll want a case

As has been the case for years, the Galaxy Note line is one of the more expensive handsets to grace the smartphone market, and that trend continues with the Galaxy Note 20. With phones priced at $1,000 and up, you'll want a great case to keep your Note 20 chugging along and to protect your investment. Those who really don't want to add a lot of bulk and want something simple will definitely want to check out the Silicone Cover. There are three colors to choose from, and it provides the grip you need with the soft-touch silicone material.

If you're someone who just picked up the Mystic Green or Bronze colorway for your Note 20, why would you want to hide it behind a case? The Clear Cover saves you from not being able to just stare at the beauty of your smartphone while ensuring its safety throughout the days to come. Samsung even has a micro-dot pattern on the inside to prevent the "wet look" that happens with certain clear cases.

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