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GoPro app gets ‘Mural’ feature with personalized wall of your must-see content


GoPro is updating its app with a new feature. Starting today, you will find a ‘Mural’ feature in your GoPro app. It is designed to “relive your favorite GoPro moments,” says the company. Essentially, it will show a personalized wall of your must-see photos and videos. The update also brings several other new features to the app.

You can also customize your Mural by adding your best GoPro photos and videos. Further, there are three stages of viewing content, controlled by tapping the view icon to see your full collection at a glance or hone in on specific photos or videos. Plus, there’s ‘Highlight Reels‘, which are automatically generated, shareable edits of your favorite moments. There is a personalization option to rename events and customize an edit for sharing. You can get all these new features including the Mural by just updating your GoPro app on your iOS or Android device today.

We’re on a mission to eliminate the infamous blackhole of photo apps on your phones, and the introduction of Mural is our first step in achieving that.



The company launched its GoPro Hero9 Back in September this year. It features a 20MP camera instead of the 12MP found on Hero8 Black. Moreover, it can shoot 5K videos (in 30fps) for the first time. To recall, the predecessor can shoot 60fps for 4K video. It also packs a 1,720mAh battery, which is 40% larger than the one found on Hero8 Black. The latest device brings back the removable front lens and the company is selling a new “Max Lens” mod for $99, which adds a wider frame and horizontal leveling no matter the orientation of the camera. The GoPro Hero9 Black brings Hypersmooth 3.0 for more stabilization. There 8x Slo-Mo and 1080p live-streaming options as well. You can read more about it here


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