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Google’s Your News Update audio briefing arrives on Google Podcasts


Google introduced a new Google Assistant feature called “Your News Update” last year that allowed the virtual assistant to read a personalized playlist of audio news based on user’s interests and preferences. The audio news briefing is now coming to the Google Podcasts app, where it will be accessible under the same name – Your News Update – from within the Explore tab.


All you have to do is open the Google Podcasts app, go to the Explore section and hit the subscribebutton adjacent the Your News Update card. Once done, hit the Play All button to listen to short audio clips of news stories curated on the basis of users’ taste, location, history and interest. To create a playlist, Google says it applies “machine learning techniques to understand how the people, places and things in this story link together and relate to a particular person’s interests.”


Additionally, Google is also making it easier to listen to relevant or important local news stories via the Google Assistant. All you have to do utter a voice command such as “Hey Google, play news about New York” and it will oblige with a natural-sounding reading of news stories.

Source: Google Blog

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