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Google’s Black Friday discount shaves $150 off the Google Home Max, $50 off the Pixel 5


With Double 11 behind us, Black Friday is the next shopping festival on the horizon. Google has announced its Black Friday deals as well as the dates when you will be able to grab these amazing deals.

The discount cuts across a variety of products from the Pixel 5 to Nest products and even the Google Home Max. Below are some of the major deals and the dates they will be live:

Google Pixel 5 Mint Green render

Pixel 5 for $649

The Pixel 5 launched on September 30 for $699. The Snapdragon 765G-powered phone packs a display with a hole punch, triple rear cameras, 5G support, and wireless and reverse wireless charging.

If you have got your eyes on the 5th gen Pixel phone, then you can grab it for $50 less ($649) on Sunday, November 22.

Nest Audio price

Nest Audio (2-pack) for $169.98

The Nest Audio is Google’s latest smart speaker. Technically, it is the successor to the original Google Home with better features and improved sound. Priced at $99, a pack of two should sell for $169.98 but Google will sell it for $169.98 ($30 off) on November 22.

google stadia xtadia

Google Stadia Premiere Edition for $69.99

Stadia is Google’s game streaming service and is available in a number of countries already. The Premiere Edition includes a Google Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia Controller, Currently priced at $99.99, you can get a 30% discount and pay $69.99 instead if you buy it on November 25 (7 PM PST).

Nest  Mini

Google Nest Mini for $18.99

The Google Nest Mini is the second generation Google Home Mini smart speaker. It launched for $49 almost a year ago but can be picked up for just $18.99 on November 25 at 7 PM PST.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max for $149

Google is definitely trying to get its speakers into your home with the deals it is offering on its speakers. The 2017 Google Home Max which launched for $299 and is practically its most powerful speaker to date will be available for $149 on November 22. That is $150 off the launch price. Don’t forget that you can pair two of the speakers together for stereo sound. If you opt for that, it means you will be selling out the original $299 price but you get two speakers.


Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max for $179

Want a smart speaker with a display? Then the Nest Hub Max can be yours for $179 instead of $229 on November 22. The addition of a 10-inch touchscreen display means that you can ask the Google Assistant to play a YouTube video or a show on Netflix. You can also make video calls as it has a camera or join a Google Meet meeting. The Nest Hub Max can also double as a digital frame that pulls photos from your Google Photos account. It also doubles as a Nest Cam, so you do not need to pick up an additional security camera for whatever room you put it.

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