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Google unveils new alert feature that notifies if your account has been hacked


Google has just unveiled a new security feature that arrives in the form of new alerts. These alerts are designed to function as security alerts that notify the user if a hacker has broken into their account.


Earlier this week, the company debuted the new redesign of its “critical alert” notification, which is said to be impossible for hackers to spoof. Previously, users would only receive a mail regarding certain suspicious behavior, but now, a notification will be displayed via the Google app itself to alert one of a possible hacker breaking into your account. After receiving this notification, users can choose to lock down access to the account and even remove the hacker.

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Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Google Vice President stated that “when we detect a serious Google Account security issue, we’ll automatically display an alert within the Google app you’re using and help you address it —no need to check email or your phone’s alerts. The new alerts are resistant to spoofing, so you can always be sure they’re coming from us. We’ll begin a limited roll out in the coming weeks and plan to expand more broadly early next year.”



According to a PCMag report, the new alerts feature will first debut for iOS users, with the new redesigns building on top of Google’s current safeguards and security measures. These alert would utilize the Android push notification system as well, to promptly notify the users of the potential breach in their account. The email based alerts will still remain active alongside the new push notifications.

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