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Google TV adds Kids Profiles feature with useful parental controls in tow


Google is adding a new feature to the Google TV platform that parents will certainly appreciate. Say hello to Kids Profiles. As the name makes it abundantly clear, Kids Profiles will allow parents to create a TV watching profile for each of their kids by adding a Google account for each one, or by just creating one in a jiffy with their name and age as the identifiers. Kids profiles on Google TV will start appearing on Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices beginning this month in the US, and will expand to more regions in the subsequent months.

Google TV Kids profiles

The key premise of Kids Profile on Google TV is that parents will be able to control which apps can be accessed by their children. Each profile will have rows of content recommendations from kids-friendly services. Additionally, there is also support for sharing access to TV shows and movies parents have purchased on other devices. Parents can also customize the profiles with bright colors and themes, and soon, they’ll also be able to choose an avatar as well.

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On-screen parental controls are also a part of the package. Thanks to Kids Profiles, parents will be able to set daily watch limits and add a bedtime schedule too. As the countdown approaches, three warnings will be shown before the watching session comes to an end. However, there will be scope for adding a few extra minutes to finish an episode. Additionally, parents can also lock their profile behind a PIN as an added measure of assurance.

Kids profiles on google tv

And to add more versatility, the Family Link app will let parents remotely assess the TV watching and content consumption habits of their ward across devices that include smartphones and even Chromebooks too. Aside from checking screen time stats, parents will also be able to block access to certain apps and control app activity in general.

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