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Google Search makes it easier to find recipes, jobs and products using Activity Cards


Google introduced Activity Cards last year to help users pick up where they left off while doing a search for a topic or product. The search giant is now updating the activity cards to make it easier for users to find their favorite recipes, look for job openings and buy a product while hunting for them on Search.

Starting with jobs, the Activity card will now show users new job postings relevant to their query via a dedicated button that tells how many jobs have been added in a particular interval. This will help users only look at the new opportunities rather than having to scroll past all the older job postings they’ve already seen. Coming to recipes, the Activity Cards in Search will now show the related recipes that users have recently visited, complete with thumbnails to make it easier to spot them.


“With the shopping activity card, Search will show you products you’ve been researching, even if they were featured in an article you were reading,” says Google. This approach will help users quickly make a decision by going through and comparing the products they intend to buy.

Source: Google Blog

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