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Google Search gets Dark Mode on Desktop


Google has introduced Dark Modes for various apps in the past. Right from Google Play Store to the features like Google Assistant, it has brought it to all of them. Now as per a Windowslatest report, this Dark Mode feature is rolling out for Google Search on Desktop.

Courtesy of the report(via XDA

), the Dark Mode feature is slowly rolling out to Desktop users running Windows 10 and macOS. Apparently, this is also a part of the A/B testing so it might take a while to reach everyone.

For the unware, the A/B test is a randomized experiment using two or more variants of the same web page. Accordingly, a small percentage of users are able to activate the Dark Mode on the Google Search page currently. As for the browser support, the report says that users need to be on Chrome 76+ on Windows 10.

This browser, which is based on Chromium Project, should be on the version 1809 or newer. Users will first get a notification at the corner on the page saying “Dark theme is now available”. Enabling it by clicking on ‘Turn on’ will switch the search page to Dark. Once enabled, you will have the option to set it either to Light, Dark, or System Default.

That said, this has been enabled on Google App and its search already. Anyway, the report says that Google is enabling the features to other browsers based on Chromium(like New Microsoft Edge) randomly.

If you haven’t got this feature yet, you can always try the Force Dark Mode option on Chrome. To do this enter Chrome://flags

on the address bar. Type ‘Dark Mode’. Enable the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and relaunch Chrome.



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