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Google Search adds People Cards feature that allows you to make your own virtual visiting card


Google has unveiled a new feature called People Cards. The company mentions that searching for famous personalities presents familiar results, but searching for not-so-famous individuals may not showcase relevant information. In a bid to change that, Google is rolling out virtual visiting cards called People Cards.

By using People Cards, you can highlight your existing website of social profiles that you want people to visit. To create one, sign in to your Google Account, then either search for your name or enter “Add me to Search” in Google Search. You can add your image, social profiles, a description of yourself, links to websites, and a phone number or email address.


The company says that it has a bunch of protections and controls in place to maintain the quality of information on People Cards. Just a single People Card is allowed per Google

Account. Plus, a phone number is required to authenticate the account. Moreover, there are other undisclosed mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content.

Further, users can also submit feedback if they spot low-quality information or a fake People Card. This feature is rolling out to users in India on mobile and in English.

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