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Google Sabrina may retail as “Google Chromecast with Google TV” for $49.99


Earlier this year, Google was reported to be working on a streaming device

. The same report also said that the search giant may rebrand “Android TV” to “Google TV”. This device in question is codenamed “Sabrina”, which has leaked several times over the past few months. Now, new leak sort of reveals it’s marketing name.

Google Sabrina Android TV Dongle

The new information about Google Sabrina streaming device comes from Artem Russakovskii of Android Police. The founder of the publication tweeted that this upcoming device is listed as “Google Chromecast with Google TV” in Target’s retail system for $49.99.

This new leak not only confirms the name of the forthcoming Google streaming device but also rebranding of Android TV to Google TV. Previously, it was said that the search giant may launch it under Nest branding but that does not seem to be the case. Actually, it is good that Google is sticking with “Chromecast” branding as it is popular among consumers for years.

Further, the listing also reveals the colors Sabrina will be available in. They are “Rocky Candy”, “Summer Melon”, and “Summer Blue” respectively.

Previous findings of this device have revealed its content-based UI different from the current-gen Android, hardware specifications, and certain software features.

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