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Google Pixel 6 may arrive with an under display fingerprint scanner


The open beta from Android 12 OS has just revealed that the Google Pixel 6 might arrive with an under display fingerprint scanner. This feature was recently spotted in the latest beta version of the upcoming operating system.

Google Pixel 4a 5G Clearly White

According to a TechRadar report, developer kdrag0n spotted the mention of ‘UdfpsControllerGoogle’ in the code from the second Android 12 developer preview. The ‘udfps’ stands for an under display fingerprint scanner, which was a part of the path that suggests that the feature might be arriving for a future Pixel device. This also implies that the feature is being developed for Pixel smartphones, instead of the feature being generally supported by Android OS.

Keep in mind that this does not confirm that the search engine giant will be launching a Pixel with an under display fingerprint scanner, but it does hint at it. With support for the feature being included in Android 12, we might see the Pixel 6 arrive with this feature, along with the latest iteration of Android OS as well. Previously, reports had also emerged that the company might be using a combination of an in display fingerprint scanner and facial recognition system, to unlock the device.



Another new feature noticed in the Android 12 beta, the company made certain changes to its dark mode. At the moment, Pixel devices offer a black background, but the newer update changes the backgrounds of supported apps to gray. This is an odd move considering that the darker color would be more effective in lessening the battery consumption on an OLED display.




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