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Google Pixel 4a gets a new limited edition ‘Barely Blue’ color variant


The Google Pixel 4a debuted in August after a long delay due to the global pandemic. It is Google’s most affordable smartphone of 2020. The handset is the direct successor to last year’s Pixel 3a. But unlike its predecessor, the new phone only launched in a single ‘Just Black’ color option. But now, after months from its release, the Pixel 4a gets a new colorway called ‘Barely Blue’.

Google Pixel 4a Barely Blue Featured

Like any other Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 4a

is also one of the most leaked products. Before its official launch, the phone was rumored to debut in two colors namely ‘Just Black’ and “Barely Blue’.

Instead, the company only unveiled it in the former color because of supply chain issue. Hence, it has brought the latter version of the handset in the form of ‘limited edition’ as the search giant does not have enough capacity to produce its cheapest 2020 smartphone in two colors.


That said, talking about the new variant of the handset, this version of the phone sports a light blue color paint job with an orange-colored power button. It is already up for sale in the US for the same $349 asking price like the ‘Just Black’ variant.

Going by the demand for 2019’s Oh So Orange Pixel 4, the 2020 Barely Blue Pixel 4a may also get sold out within a short period of time. Hence, if you are interested in this unique hue, order it as soon as possible.

Last but not least, there’s no word on this edition’s availability in other markets and therefore, we can conclude it to be exclusive to the US, at least for now.

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