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Google patents a set of smartphone designs with a possible under-display camera


Last week, a design panted by Google revealed that the search giant could be working on a fitness tracker similar to Amazon Halo. Now, a set of design patents has appeared showcasing a smartphone without a front-facing camera.

Google Smartphone Design Patent Under-Display Camera

These design patents were filed by Google with the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademarks Office). They were unearthed by Patently Apple. According to the publication, there are a total of four similar patents with slight variations and they go by the numbers – D903,618, D903,619, D903,620, and D903,622 respectively.

All of them have one thing in common and that is the smartphone in the sketches does not feature a display cutout for the selfie camera. But some of them do have an indication of an under-display earpiece.

Hence, the publication suggests these smartphone designs to feature an under-display camera. Further, none of these four patents show a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as found on all the Pixels except Pixel 4

and Pixel 4 XL. Hence, we believe them to sport an under-display fingerprint sensor as well.

That said, apart from these two additions, the designs are similar to that of Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. They have the same button placements and an identical dual-camera setup array. The only difference is that the LED flash sits below as the secondary microphone is located at the top.

Anyway, we are not sure if any of these four design patents will ever end up as a final product just like numerous other patents.

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