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Google Maps adds a new car mode UI similar to Android Auto


Google Maps is arguably the best maps and navigation app. Over the years, the search giant has updated it with new features and functionalities.Currently, the company is rolling out a server-side update to certain users, which enables a new car mode UI.

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The Mountain View-based tech giant already offers a dedicated app called Android Auto for cars. Last year, the company revealed that it will be replaced by Google Assistant Driving Mode, however, that is yet to happen.

Ahead of it, the firm is now seeding out a server-side update enabling a similar car mode UI inside the Google Maps itself. This mode comes after the addition of the music playback option back in June.

This feature was first reported by Android Police and as per the screenshots shared by the publication, we can see that users will be treated with large icons for calls, messages, music apps, and messaging apps.


Google Maps Car Mode UI

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Google Maps Car Mode UI 01

Google Maps Car Mode UI 02

Google Maps Car Mode UI 03

Google Maps Car Mode UI 04

These icons are larger so that users can focus more on their driving rather than their phone. In total, there are three tabs – one for voice, another for home screen with the set of applications as mentioned above, and a Maps icon to select navigation.

That said, as we mentioned in the beginning. This mode is being pushed to random users via server-side. Therefore, it may take time to reach everyone.

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