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Google is testing app subscriptions directly from the Play Store instead of in-app method


Google is working on a new app subscription method that will make it much easier to manage subscriptions. As per a TechCrunch report, a handful of apps are testing a “Free Trial & Install” button on the Play Store alongside the regular Install button that we are used to seeing on an app’s listing page. So, how exactly it is helpful?

Image: TechCrunch

Instead of going through the in-app subscription channel, users can now directly read about an app’s subscription model directly on the Play Store and buy it. Notably, users can buy an app’s subscription even if the app is not installed on their phone. Aside from being convenient for users, this model also makes it easier for developers to sell subscriptions directly from the app’s listing.


Apps that follow this new subscription method – which is based on the Android Billing Library Version 3 – will show information such as billing cost, subscription duration, the services it offers, and term of the free trial among other details on the listing page. Users no longer have to download an app to read its subscription model, and thus can avoid fraudulent charges from sketchy apps.

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