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Google is allegedly testing dark mode on desktop Search


Google recently brought improvements to its dark mode on Chrome browsers. It is expected to be rolled out on Windows 10 and macOS soon. However, ahead of the roll-out, it looks like the company has some other plans up its sleeves. Google is reportedly testing the dark mode feature on its desktop browser, which displays search results.

As per a report from 9to5Google, the California-headquartered company is testing a dark theme for desktop search. It posted some images that reveal the white background has been replaced with a dark grey hue. ong>Moreover, the Google logo located at the top left corner of the search results, which is generally colorful is replaced with a white-colored logo.

The overall look matches the dark mode version of Google’s search app on mobile. For reference, the dark mode on Google’s mobile app has been available since May this year.

Do you really need dark mode on

The report goes on to say that the dark mode isn’t present on the homepage. However, this could change with the official launch of the new feature. As of now, the feature seems to have been made available to a small number of users. According to a Reddit user who has seen dark mode on Google’s website the feature just randomly turned on by itself, and it reverted back to light mode shortly after. The user goes on to say that dark mode didn’t come with a toggle button

, which means he was unable to turn it off while it was active. This too could change with the final rollout.

Google is tipped to be updating WebUIs to bring a complete dark mode experience, with scrollbars appearing in grey color. The upcoming feature is said to apply a dark theme to additional elements including scrollbars, which at present, don’t show any changes when you switch from the light mode to a dark one.

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