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Google Duo is now available for Android TV


Google Duo is a video calling app made by Google that is available for Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers, and smart displays. Now, Google has added another device category – smart TVs running Android TV.

Yes, Google Duo is now available for Android TV four years after the app was published. Google did tease the arrival of the app on Thursday and said that it will be available in beta for Android TV. However, the Play Store listing on Android TV didn’t say the app is still in beta.

Google Duo on Android TV

If your TV has a built-in camera, then you can make video calls but if your TV doesn’t have a camera, you can only make voice calls. Another option is to get a webcam as the Android TV platform (starting with Android 9) now has native support for webcams.

There is something important to note about the new feature. After installation, the app doesn’t show up in your app drawer or have a banner on the homescreen. The only way I was able to launch it is by going to Settings > Apps > Duo. Hopefully, an update will fix this.

When you make a voice call, the microphone on the remote picks up your voice while the voice of whom you are calling can be heard from the TV’s own speaker or any speakers connected to the TV.

Android TV gaining support for Google Duo makes sense especially now that video calling is now more popular among people.

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