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Goal Zero’s massive SHERPA battery is 20% off for Black Friday


Battery packs are seemingly a dime a dozen these days, so it takes a lot for one to stand out, but the Goal Zero SHERPA 100PD definitely does. I bought one back in the summer at MrMobile's recommendation, and since then it's become a must-have part of my travel bag.

The SHERPA 100PD gets the suffix of its name from its massive 100Wh capacity (actually 94.72 watts, to be exact), and its use of the USB-C Power Delivery standard to output 60W without needing an AC inverter — which also helps slim it down significantly over previous models.

Right now on Amazon, you can get the SHERPA 100PD for 20% off at just $135.95. That's a lot for a battery bank, sure, but it's well-worth it for frequent travelers or even anyone who regularly works on a USB-C-powered laptop and isn't always around AC power.

Massive portable battery

Goal Zero SHERPA 100PD

Huge capacity in a relatively small form factor

The SHERPA 100PD can charge anything from a phone or tablet to larger devices like USB-C laptops, all without needing an AC inverter or the added bulk that comes with it. It also has built-in Qi charging for wireless top-ups.

$135.95 $169.95 20% off

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By far the most impressive aspect of the SHERPA 100PD is its ability to push 60W through its singular USB-C port, thanks to USB-C Power Delivery. That means it can even power laptops like my 15-inch MacBook Pro (albeit at a slower rate than the included 87W charger). You also recharge the SHERPA itself through the same USB-C port.

There's a small display that shows you the remaining battery percentage whenever the SHERPA is turned on, and you get two backup 3.4A USB-A ports for charging multiple devices at once. If your phone has wireless charging, you can also just place it directly on top of the SHERPA, since it has an integrated Qi pad.


Most importantly, you can bring the SHERPA on a plane, since it sits just under the FAA's 100Wh limit. This makes it a must-have for long flights, especially since in-flight power outlets are unreliable at best. Just toss the battery pack in your carry-on and you can charge your laptop while you work — something I've taken advantage of more times than I'd like to admit.


If you only need a battery pack that can charge your phone and tablet throughout the day, there are smaller and cheaper options out there, but for those that need to charge their laptop on the go, no other battery pack is as slim, well-built, affordable, and full-featured as the SHERPA 100PD.

The SHERPA is normally about $170, but for Black Friday you can grab it for just $135.95 — that a 20% reduction, and while it's a bit of a niche product, it's unbeatable at this price.

Black Friday!

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