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Go full-frame for less with a £600 Sony A7 on Cyber Monday


If you've been waiting it out for the right deal on a new camera this Cyber Monday then you're going to love this one. The first generation Sony A7, a full-frame mirrorless camera, is down to a new low price of £599.99 and with that, you're also getting a pretty decent 28-70mm lens thrown in.

Full frame for less

Sony A7 w/ 28-70mm lens

Lowest price – £599.99

Even several years after its launch the original A7 is an incredible camera for still photography, with a full-frame 24.3MP sensor and an included 28-70mm lens.

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It may not be the latest and greatest and lacking 4K video support, but for still photography it's still an absolute beast. The 24.3MP 35mm sensor is still as first-rate today as it was when it first launched, with the bonus of being packed inside the sleek, lightweight body of the A7 compared to a larger, heavier DSLR. It doesn't have in-body stabilization, but the included kit lens, the excellent 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 does.


Sony has made a name for itself in recent years with its mirrorless camera prowess, and the A7 is a now-legendary brand. It supports Sony's E-Mount lenses, but there are a bunch of adapters out there that will allow you to use glass from other manufacturers with the A7.

I bought one of these a year ago on offer and paid £50 more than its current price and I've not been disappointed at all. I'm hardly a pro photographer, quite the opposite in fact, but the A7 can shoot some gorgeous looking photos and it's so easy to use it makes me want to improve my skills. But it won't be this price after today, so don't sleep on it!


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