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Giveaway: Win A FREE Zeaplus Buds with Active Noise Cancellation (5 Units)


Zeaplus has launched brand new Zeaplus buds which bring Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to $25 earphones. Usually reserved for the top-end earbuds in the market like the AirPods Pro, it is one of the first earbuds to bring real noise cancellation to the budget earphone segment.

Zeaplus Buds 06

The Zeaplus buds is basically an AirPods Pro clone with a similar stem and tip design, featuring a white and black color scheme. Along with ANC, it also features a transparent mode – similar to the Apple AirPods Pro which allows you to hear what’s happening in your surrounding without having to remove your earbuds. While ANC and transparency features are not going to be at par with the AirPods Pro, it’ll enable better user experience at a budget price.


Zeaplus Buds earbuds featured

The Zeaplus Buds offers 4 hours of battery life and an additional 20 hours with the case. Note that the case supports wireless charging too. The Zeaplus buds is available at just $25 (first 1000 units) instead of the usual $50 price tag.

However, if you want to grab a pair for FREE, participate in the giveaway below. All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the gleam widget for a chance to win these earbuds with ANC.

5 Unites Zeaplus Buds Giveaway


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