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Get back to nature with this $150 Garmin Instinct Prime Day deal


Garmin Instinct HeroSource: Garmin

We've been posting a lot about the awesome smartwatch deals we're seeing this Prime Day, but there is one watch, in particular, that has my attention — the Garmin Instinct. Why do you ask? Well, it's tough, it has great battery life, and it can do all the basic smartwatch functions I need it to. Oh yeah, and it will keep me from getting lost in the woods!

The Instinct is a bit different than some of the other Garmin smartwatches you may be familiar with. It's a bit bigger and bulkier for starters, it has a monochromatic display, and there is no touch screen or onboard music. But it's not really for the traditional smartwatch enthusiast. No, the Instinct is the smartwatch for people who love spending time in the outdoors. Like, a lot of time outdoors.

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Garmin Instinct | $150 off at Amazon

It will outlast you

The Garmin Instinct is the smartwatch for the outdoor enthusiast. Its rugged design is U.S. Military standard 810G, which means that it can take a beating against rocks and dirt. Its battery lasts up to 14 days, and it can monitor your sleep, steps, and stress. It has a built-in 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter, and its GPS, Glonass, and Galileo support will ensure that you won't get lost on your next hike.

Jeramy Hiking

Jeramy HikingSource: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

Living in the central Texas hill country, I fancy myself an amateur hiker and like to go out for hours on end in the wilderness surrounding the Austin city limits. Most of the time, I bring a smartphone with me, but there are times when it is inconvenient or inaccessible to access, or it's just plain out of battery power, and it is nice to have another source of guidance to help me find my route.


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While I've used other smartwatches with onboard or connected GPS, none of them have been quite as durable or easy to see in the sunlight as the Garmin Instinct. I have not worn one yet, but it is the top item on my Prime Day shopping list, so if you're going to pick one up, try to leave one for me too, ok?

Garmin Instinct Hero

Garmin Instinct HeroSource: Garmin

The Instinct is available in several fun colors, including Flame Red, Sunburst Yellow, Lakeside Blue, and classic Graphite (black), and there is a standard and a solar-powered version as well. In addition to its rough and ready construction, it can do all the basic smartwatch things you'd expect, like track your steps, heart rate, stress, and sleep, as well as relay notifications. If you're competitive, you can partake in Garmin's in-app contests, or connect your account to Strava or All Trails and really get to explore.

Run, don't doddle, and grab yourself a Garmin Instinct while this Prime Day deal is still on!

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