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Garmin introduces a new pregnancy tracking feature for its smartwatches

It is uncommon to find women’s health tracking features on most smartwatches more than period tracking. Renowned watch manufacturer Garmin has introduced a new pregnancy tracking feature which would be on some of its most popular wearables, including the Garmin Venu, Vivoactive, Forerunner, Fenix, and Vivomove series.

There are several pregnancy tracking apps available presently but this is obviously the first that we’re seeing on a smartwatch. The watch feature is designed to track a pregnancy from start to finish, right from your wrist.

The Garmin pregnancy tracking feature comes with several benefits which include the ability to track your baby’s progress on a timeline, track daily symptoms, log your baby’s movements inside your belly, track trimester dates, get hydration and nutrition tips, and more. You can learn more about the feature from the video below.

When the baby is due to arrive, you can even track the duration and frequency of your contractions via the Contraction Timer Connect IQ app on your smartwatch.


The new pregnancy tracking feature can be activated from the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone. The settings can be found within the menstrual cycle tracking feature on the app. You can access it on the Garmin Venu, Vivoactive, Forerunner, Fenix smartwatch by downloading it from the Connect IQ store. However, it can be gotten through the women’s health tracking widget on the Vivomove series.


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