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Galaxy Watch series gets Blood Pressure monitoring app; needs a sphygmomanometer for calibration


Smartwatches have evolved from being able to track just physical activities to be able to measure other important health data such as your heart rate, your oxygen intake, and your blood pressure. Yesterday, Samsung announced that its Galaxy Watch series will now be able to measure blood pressure. However, users will actually need a sphygmomanometer to calibrate the watch.

The nearly minute-long video released by the official Samsung Newsroom YouTube channel walks users through the process. First, you have to ensure that your watch is tightly fitted to your non-dominant wrist. Then wear the cuff of the blood pressure monitor on the arm of your other hand. Just as you begin measuring with the monitor, your watch also begins to measure your blood pressure automatically.

When the watch is done measuring, you enter the reading from the monitor on your phone. You will be required to take two more measurements before calibration is completed after which you will then be able to use your watch to measure your blood pressure with the watch anytime. The press release advises users to calibrate their watch every four weeks to ensure accuracy.


With the health app on your phone, you will be able to monitor your different blood pressure readings over a period of time as recorded measurements will be synced to the device.


Samsung said the Health Monitor app will be available on the Galaxy Watch Active2 in Q3 2020 and then roll out to upcoming models. So if you own the original Watch Active, you will not be able to make use of this feature.

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