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Free Echo Show 5 with Ring Cameras? Didn’t see that coming on Prime Day.


Ring's cameras are already discounted for Amazon Prime Day, but Ring is sweetening the deal even further by throwing in a free Echo Show 5 or Echo Dot with these Ring Camera Prime Day deals. If you want to take advantage of these deals, remember that you need to have an Amazon Prime membership.

Ring Floodlight Cam with free Echo Show 5

Ring Floodlight Cam makes it easy to see what's moving in your yard thanks to a built-in spotlight. Thanks to Prime Day, you can get it with an Echo Show 5 for 44% off, making it easy to see what's happening around your home without having to touch your phone.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery with free Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Looking to save some dough on a great wireless home security cam? The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery with Echo Dot (3rd gen) is an unbelievable 47% off for Prime Day, making this a no-brainer choice.

Ring Stick Up Cam with free Echo Dot (3rd gen)

If you'd rather not deal with batteries or just need to record all the time, the wired Ring Stick Up Cam is your best choice. Now it comes with a free Echo Dot (3rd gen), giving you a massive 47% discount for Prime Day!

Why get an Echo with your Ring on Amazon Prime Day?

Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight CameraSource: Android Central

The Echo Dot (3rd gen) is a powerful little speaker with Alexa built-in. That's great since all Ring devices work natively with Alexa, giving you full control of your Ring cameras with just the power of your voice. Want to arm or disarm your system? Just ask Alexa on your Echo Dot to do it for you. You can even use this little speaker for music or just to ask Alexa anything you can think of.


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The Echo Show 5 is definitely the best deal here, though. As an Alexa-powered smart speaker, the Echo Show 5 is the perfect way to see what's happening on any of your Ring cameras by simply asking Alexa. That's perfect if you're in your kitchen cooking and one of your Ring cameras spots motion in the driveway, or something happening in the back yard. All you need to do is ask Alexa to show you the backyard camera (or whatever name you've given the camera), and it'll immediately pull up the video feed right on your Echo Show 5's screen.

Prime Day is the best day to buy any Amazon device

Amazon Prime Day is the best day of the year to get all kinds of great tech from everyone's favorite online retailer. All you need is an Amazon Prime membership to get access to all of the exclusive Prime deals found across Amazon's site. It's one of the best shopping days of the year, not just because you'll save a lot of dough on the things you want and need, but because you won't even need to leave your couch to do it!

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