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Foldable iPhone to arrive with clamshell design and many color options?


We’ve been getting tons of rumors concerning Apple’s foldable iPhone project. The last rumor suggests that Apple may have already decided on the basic design for its new device. Jon Prosser has been posting several reports about this new foldable device on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech, where he now gives us a couple of new updates about the upcoming smartphone.

According to Jon Prosser and his sources, Apple may have already decided to follow the path of a future iPhone with a clamshell design. Earlier reports claimed that Apple was working on two foldable iPhones. The first device is believed to have a design that resembles the one we see on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, while the second one would look more like the Galaxy Z Flip or the Moto RAZR. Prosser’s sources aren’t sure why Apple has opted for a clamshell design or why it is now getting more attention over the other form factor. Maybe Apple’s durability tests have favored the hinge in this variant instead of the other model, or maybe Apple’s recent partnership with Samsung

, who’ll be manufacturing the foldable display panels for these devices.

The second leak is even more interesting, as the new foldable iPhone is also expected to arrive with more color options. Why is this interesting, you ask? Well, you just have to take a look at Apple’s recent iPhone 12 and any other iPhone lineup. You will see that the base iPhone models are the ones to get several color options, while the higher-end variants usually arrive with fewer color options to choose from. In other words, this could mean that Apple may want to target a wider audience with these devices, well, if it finally manages to make it happen. Prosser also believes that the new foldable iPhone won’t arrive next year

, as some have suggested.

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