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Five deals we look forward to seeing on Prime Day


July has come and gone with no Amazon Prime Day in sight. We know it has been delayed and will probably be sometime in October, but the exact date is still unknown. Given everything going on in the U.S. and around the world, and the fact that it has already been pushed back at least twice, the best advice we can give you is to stay flexible. The deals will flow again! We promise!

You can bet when Prime Day does finally happen, it's going to be huge. I mean, if you think about it Prime Day is going to be within a month or two of Black Friday, so you know Amazon is going to want to steal some of that thunder. I know my expectations are pretty high, and yours should be, too. Here are some of the big deals we expect to see this year:

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Five Prime Day Deals to Look Forward To

Ring cameras, alarms, and video doorbells

Ring just released the 3rd generation Ring VIdeo Doorbell a couple of months ago, and we have yet to see a whole lot of deals on it, despite the fact that Ring usually has a ton of discounts going on at any given time. With so many different possibilities, including the Ring Alarm security system, Ring cameras, and the video doorbells, we expect to see a lot of low prices on Ring gear.

Amazon, which owns Ring, has also regularly been a big fan of combining Ring products with a free Echo Dot or even the Echo Show 5. Just a couple weeks ago the 2nd-generation Ring Alarm systems had a 25% discount in addition to some free smart home devices. These were Prime exclusive savings, and all of Prime Day is Prime exclusive as well. Put two and two together and you get a recipe for savings. (While we're on the subject, sign up for Amazon Prime so you're ready when the deals drop.)

Ring cameras, alarms, and video doorbells

Recent deals have featured direct discounts up to 25% off, bundle deals that include free Echo devices, and more. Many of these have been Prime exclusive, and they will be again on Prime Day. Get ready for some big Ring deals on the big day.

Smart lighting

This was supposed to be the year I start investing in some smart lighting kits like the Philips Hue smart bulbs, but unfortunately after some great deals in February we haven't seen a whole lot of discounts on tech like this recently. The Philips Hue lineup in particular usually has pretty regular price drops. Prime Day should be a great moment to bounce back and feature some awesome starter kits that include the Hue Hub at low prices.

It's not just Philips we will expect to see, either. Govee makes popular light strips that can work both as smart lights and a bias lighting for your TV in a dark room. Sengled has multi-color starter kits as well. Look for Kasa bulbs and smart plugs to be on sale, and you can even keep an eye out for price drops on Amazon devices like the Smart Plug if you just want a simple solution for lighting around your home.

Philips Hue Bluetooth smart bulb

Philips Hue loves discounting its starter kits, but the newest Philips Hue bulb doesn't even require the hub. This one hasn't seen a whole lot of deals since it's newer, but Prime Day would be a good place to start.

Instant Pot

For the last couple of years, the Instant Pot has been a staple of Amazon Prime Day. Not only that, but it's almost always a best seller. Add onto the fact that the Instant Pot is pretty stinking cool, too. I mean, it just does so much. I'll admit, I bought one during one of last year's big savings events, and it has since found a permanent spot on our kitchen counter. There are few appliances we use more, actually. You can make something simple like rice or even a full blown meal with very little preparation on your part. The Instant Pot Duo is a classic and almost a sure bet seeing as we've seen it go on sale every event, but the newer Instant Pot Duo Nova could go on sale just as well.


Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 pressure cooker

Previous events have discounted this version of the Instant Pot as low as $49. There are newer models now, too, which generally means this older one is likely to go on sale. Of course, the new ones may drop in price, too, so keep an eye on those.

Echo, Fire TV, and other Amazon devices

This one seems so obvious it's almost cheating to put it on this list. It only makes sense that Amazon's biggest deals on its biggest day would feature Amazon's most popular products. Last year, the Echo Dot

dropped to nearly $20, which is huge compared to its current $50 price. This is a device that has been offered for free with Ring Alarms or priced for just a couple cents with subscription services to Amazon Music Unlimited. A discount on the Echo Dot is probably the most reliable deal you can expect on Prime Day.

The real interesting Echo deals will be on the other devices. For example, the Echo Dot with Clock sells for $10 more than the Echo Dot and hasn't had nearly as many deals. How low will it go? I would bet it drops to around $40. The 3rd-generation regular Echo device could drop as low as $50. The Echo Show 5 is sure to be a great way to save if you also need video. Amazon's 4K Fire TV Stick dropped to $25 last year and could drop to the same price this year given it hasn't seen many discounts in 2020.

Echo Dot 3rd-generation smart speaker

This was a huge seller on Prime Day last year. Considering it was more than 50% off its regular price, that wasn't much of a surprise. Outside of bundle deals and subscription packages, it hasn't dropped that low since. We'll see if Amazon does it again.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and other consoles

This is the riskiest expectation on this list, but it also wouldn't surprise me to see it. The reason I say it's risky is because the demand for consoles as greatly outweighed the supply recently with supply chains drying up thanks to COVID-19. The Nintendo Switch has been more-or-less impossible to find for the last several months. While they do appear in stock from time-to-time, they also vanish nearly as quickly. The reason I say it wouldn't surprise me to see console deals during Prime Day is because the newest generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, are both releasing this year. New consoles inevitably means old console deals.

If we don't see actual console deals it will solely be because the recent setbacks have not caught up to the console makers, and that would be quite the shame. However, I still wouldn't discount a bunch of ways to save on video games. In particular, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass continues to be one of the best deals in gaming even when it's not on sale. With the announcement that all of Microsoft's newest games, including Halo Infinite, will be on Game Pass, that just made it even better.

Nintendo Switch

Just finding the Nintendo Switch in stock at all has been a huge chore recently. There has been a huge demand since more and more people have started working from home. Plus, travel restrictions all over the world have put a damper on getting the consoles delivered. I'm really hoping all that disappears at least for one glorious Prime Day sales event.

Be prepared!

Remember, Amazon Prime Day is a day exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you aren't already a member, you can sign up now or wait and use your free trial when the day drops to get access to all the amazing deals. Prime comes with enough benefits, including access to Prime Video plus the free two-day shipping, that it's totally worth the investment. You can also stay up to date by bookmarking our Amazon Prime page and following Thrifter on Twitter.

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