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Fitbit Sense finally gets the ECG app functionality in the US and Europe


As the most expensive Smartwatch of the company yet, Fitbit Sense finally gets the ECG App functionality in the US, Germany, and UK. The App, which was not available at launch, was approved by both the FDA and EU last month.

Fitbit Sense

As reported by Tizenhelp(via 9to5Google), the Smartwatch has already started getting the update in the US, Uk, and Germany. The report says that countries like India are also on the list but the exact date is unknown. For the unaware, Fitbit launched the Fitbit Sense Smartwatch back in August at $329. The Smartwatch has advanced health tracking features like ECG, EDA, and support for google" 52269 rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Google Assistant, and Alexa.

However, the ECG feature was not available at the launch as the company had an approval pending at the USA’s FDA(Food and Drug Administration). And the EU’s CE marking(EEA health standard). That said, the company is now rolling out the feature as promised. Besides, the report says the company conducted multi-site clinical trials across the US to submit data for regulatory approval.

ECG feature- How it works?

Coming back, the new update will be available to all users in the above-mentioned countries soon. You can also install it manually by downloading the app from Fitbit official websites/website-builder/" 51818 target="_blank">website or trying it via the Fitbit app on your Smartphone. After installing, go to Assessments & Reports->Discover Tab->Heart Rhythm assistant.

After accepting terms, open the ECG app on Fitbit Sense and complete setup. You have to put your fingers on either side of the stainless steel ring of the watch. This will take a reading of your heartbeat to help you access heart rhythm and detect any atrial fibrillation in the future.

Fitbit Sense Health and tracking features

Anyway, the Fitbit Sense is the first Smartwatch to have ECG(Electrocardiogram), and EDA(Electrodermal Activity) sensors. According to Fitbit, it has 98.7% and 100% successful rate of AFib, and Heartrate respectively. AFib is commonly an irregular heartbeat that can lead to several heart-related complications. However, EDA measures the sweat level on the skin to monitor stress levels.

Other features on the Smartwatch include Exercise modes, 24/7 100% accurate heartrate, skin temperature sensor, SpO2 for blood Oxygen levels, and more. The Smartwatch is already available in the US but will be available in Europe from October 16.

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