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Fitbit is releasing some paid features for free with the new update


Fitbit is rolling out a new update for several of its devices. A number of paid features are making their way to the non-paying users. Moreover, it adds a new SpO2 watch face and skin temperature tracking to the Fitbit Charge 4. There are improvements in Health Metrics data presentation as well. Moreover, Fitbit Sense is getting access to ECG features in three countries.

The latest development comes from Wearable. It reports that Fitbit is releasing a new update for Charge 4, which separates blood oxygen data readings from the sleeping analysis. It now shows on a dedicated watch face. As a result, users will be able to see the SpO2 readings right from the device. They will not be required to dig deep into the companion app. Further, the Fitbit Charge 4 can now measure surface skin temperature. The feature was available only on the Fitbit Sense smartwatch up until now.

Fitbit update

Additionally, Fitbit is making various paid features available for free. The Health Metrics dashboard is available on Charge 4, Versa 2, and Inspire 2 for free. For reference, the feature was previously limited to Fitbit Premium subscribers. It will allow the users to access their breathing rate during sleep, heart rate variability, and resting heart rate. However, free users can only see one week’s data. On the other hand, the paid users can access the whole month’s data.


Moreover, the flagship Fitbit Sense is also getting an update. It is now receiving ECG feature for users in Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. As for updates to the companion app, Fitbit is adding a blood glucose tracking feature to the app. While none of the Fitbit devices have the ability to measure blood glucose, the new feature will allow log readings obtained from a dedicated glucose meter. It will give users daily reminders to log their blood glucose levels from the app.

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