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First signs of a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE aka Fan Edition have emerged


Samsung won wide widespread acclaim for its 2020 budget flagship – the Galaxy S20 FE – as the device offered some pretty powerful specs at a competitive asking price. Elated by the success, Samsung promised that it will keep launching more Fan Edition versions of its upcoming flagships in the foreseeable future. Now, the first signs of a Galaxy S21 Fan Edition being in the pipeline have surfaced online.

Another winner for Samsung to tackle the OnePlus threat?

As per a report by SamMobile, a device carrying the model number SM-G990B is currently in development. And going by the model number scheme, it is being speculated that it will debut as Galaxy S21 FE aka Fan Edition later this year. Here’s the logic that SamMobile has come up with, after taking into consideration the naming scheme and model number of Samsung’s previous flagships:

“Now, those who know a thing or two about Samsung’s model number scheme will point out that the Galaxy S20 FE was the SM-G780F/SM-G781B while that G990 should be the LTE variant of the Galaxy S21. Well, they would be right. However, Samsung hasn’t launched LTE variants of its latest flagships, and we’re assuming it is only trying to streamline things by bringing the model number of the Galaxy S21 FE in line with the standard Galaxy S21 models.”

As of now, details about the upcoming phone are rather scarce. But if the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is any indication, the Galaxy S21 FE will come equipped with a top-end Qualcomm processor – most likely the Snapdragon 870

– and will borrow some camera tricks from the main Galaxy S21 trio as well. Other features that will likely be on the table include 5G support and a high refresh rate AMOLED display as well.

And given the peppy color palette of its predecessor, Samsung might give Galaxy S21 Fan Edition the same treatment by offering it in a wide array of bright color options. However, it might take a while for the phone to make its official debut, as the Galaxy S20 FE was launched not too far back in October last year.

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