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First-ever Xiaomi Mi 11 Teardown reveals L-Shaped Cameras, Battery, and more


Another day, is it just another teardown video of a smartphone? Well, no. The Xiaomi Mi 11 which launched yesterday is the World’s first Snapdragon 888 SoC-powered flagship smartphone. Hence, let’s delve into see what Xiaomi has packed inside for us.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Leather - Smoke Purple and Khaki

Before we tear it apart, let’s look at what comes inside the box. Opening it up has documentation and the Mi 11 itself. As we all know, the Mi 11 doesn’t come with an in-box Adapter. However, Xiaomi is kind enough to give you the option of getting a free 55W GaN charger(limited time).

Moving on, the device in testing is a smoked Purple Leather Edition. The video by AIO Technology(via GSMArena) begins with a scratch test to get to know about the toughness of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. Surprisingly, Xiaomi pre-installs a screen protector on the Mi 11 despite assuring 2x improved scratch resistance glass.

Rear Panel, Display

Although the screen survives keys, and sharp blades’ harm, it does give up on the Screwdriver as we see deeper grooves on harder scratch. At the bottom, there is the SIM-tray which, according to the video, has outer and inner mid-part made of metal but has a plastic frame.

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Leather back

Mi 11 interior

NFC, Wireless Charging coils

In case you don’t know, neither of the Mi 11 variants comes with an official IP rating. The flexible Vegan leather back on this edition becomes the icing on the cake for easy removal. Prying it open, you can see adhesives all over the other side of the back panel that is covered with cushion foam. Inside, we see the components arranged horizontally into three sections.

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Camera, Motherboard

The first part shows the L-shaped Camera modules inside the squircle housing. This is a drastic change from the vertical strip on the predecessor, the Mi 10. Removing the screws(17-Total) and prying the layout reveals that Flashlight is independent and connects to the motherboard via a cable.


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Mi 11 Rear Camera

Camera layout

Mi 11 Camera module

The back of the camera layout also has cushion foam for protection. Moving the cable clamps we see the Entire module(with 7 cushion foams on the back) consisting of an NFC Coil, A Conductive Cloth, and a Wireless Charging Coil(with heat dissipation layers).

Removing this shows the motherboard and cameras. After disconnecting the battery, sub-board from the mainboard we see the entire Camera module is fused to a single cage. The main lens is a Samsung ISOCELL HMX, while the ultrawide and macro lenses are of OmniVision’s CMOS OV13B10 and Samsung S5K5E9 respectively.

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Snapdragon 888 SoC

They also have copper foils attached to their cables as a heat sink. Speaking of which, the top and bottom portion of the motherboard also has copper foils for heat dissipation and the silver portion is the thermal paste that is applied over the Snapdragon 888 processor. Underneath the board, we see the Top earpiece that doubles as a stereo speaker and another VC plate for more cooling.


Battery, Rear portion

The below portion has an equally well-built enclosure around the components. Starting with the clamp that has cushion foams to hold the cables, it reveals the portion with Speaker(tuned by Harmon Kardon), Squared X-axis linear Vibration motor, SIM-tray, Type-C Port.

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mi 11 bottom portion

mi 11 battery


Finally, the 4,600mAh battery and mid-frame. Two pull tabs hold the BM4X Li-ion Polymer Battery that is made by Sunwoda Electronics Co Ltd. After this, removing the mid-frame reveals the Goodix’s in-display fingerprint sensor which also doubles as a heartrate sensor.

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