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Firefox introduces feature to combat cross-site cookie tracking; multi-PiP tags along


Mozilla has announced two new features for its Firefox browser on Mac, Windows and Linux. It is introducing multiple picture-in-picture (multi-PiP) and a way to combat cross-site cookie tracking once and for all. The later is being called Total Cookie Protection (technically known as State Partitioning or Dynamic First-Party Isolation).

Up until now, you were allowed to view one window in picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. Now, Mozilla is expanding Firefox’s capabilities. Have you ever wanted to view multiple videos at once in PiP? You will now be able to. The company is adding multiple picture-in-picture views. It will be available on Mac, Linux and Windows. It also includes keyboard controls for fast forward and rewind.


Mozilla has also announced Total Cookie Protection for Firefox. The company says it is a major new milestone in their work to protect your privacy. Total Cookie Protection will stop cookies from tracking you around the web by creating a separate cookie jar for every website. This will allow the browser to keep cookies separately for each website.

In 2019, Firefox introduced Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) which blocks cookies from known, identified trackers. Expanding on it, Total Cookie Protection confines all cookies from each website in a separate cookie jar so that cookies can no longer be used to track you across the web as you browse from site to site.


“In combining Total Cookie Protection with last month’s supercookie protections, Firefox is now armed with very strong, comprehensive protection against cookie tracking. This will be available in ETP Strict Mode in both the desktop and Android version,” says the company.


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