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Find a secure, safe connection to the digital world with these VPN deals


Surfing the internet, working on private data, streaming or gaming requires a reliable connection. And the right VPN will make sure you do all that in a safe, secure environment. Here are a collection of VPN providers that can make your digital experience comfortable, and so will the prices thanks to the spring deals available for a limited time.

LightyearVPN: Fast and Safe Internet

With servers located all over the globe, LightyearVPN gives you internet access without concerns about restrictions or firewalls. This one-year subscription gives you VPN with no connection or activity log policy and no backdoor. It gives you unlimited bandwidth to browse and game at your leisure. You can get LightyearVPN: Fast and Safe Internet now for $49.99 (reg. $119), a 58 percent savings.

personalVPN Pro

Unmatched stability, security and streaming speed is what you’ll get with personalVPN. It bypasses geographic and content restrictions, and hides your IP address, location and browsing history. You can get a one-year subscription to personalVPN Pro now for $34.99 (reg. $69), a 50 percent savings.

Yodata VPN: Lifetime Subscription

Why pay annual fees with other VPNs when you can get a one-time, lifetime subscription to Yodata VPN? You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and traffic, and you’ll never be out of range withg servers in 50 different countries. It features seamless server switching. You can get Yodata VPN: Lifetime Subscription

now for $17.99 (reg. $59), a 69 percent savings.

BelkaVPN: Lifetime Subscription

Protect your online activity and data with BelkaVPN, which features military-grade encryption, zero latency and a no log policy. This lifetime subscription gives you access to more than 120 servers, so you’ll never be waiting if there is an issue with one of them. It’s easy to configure on any router. You can get BelkaVPN: Lifetime Subscription now for $39.99 (reg. $719), a 94 percent savings.

iPro VPN: Lifetime Subscription

iPro gives you everything you’re looking for in a VPN at cheaper prices than its competitors. This lifetime subscription gives you secure data and internet browsing, while blocking malicious domains. Unlimited bandwidth means you can stream or game with the comfort of knowing there won’t be delays. You can get iPro VPN: Lifetime Subscription

now for $39.99 (reg. $600), a 93 percent savings.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

Regain control of your browsing and data with a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN. You can reliably protect your data even on public WiFi, and with no limits on bandwidth you’ll always have the speed and connection you need. KeepSolid has more than 400 servers in 80 global locations to draw on. You can get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription now for $59.99 (reg. $399), an 85 percent savings.

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