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Facebook’s new BARS app will help aspiring rappers with sicks beats as they spit verses


Facebook has a whole division called NPE that often comes up with new apps and services, and many of which get buried frequently too. The latest experimental product to come out of NPE is an app called BARS that is aimed at aspiring rappers. It allows users to pick one from a library of professionally-created beats and rap along to make a dope video. The core premise here is that not everyone has access to studio-grade tools and instruments to make beats for their rap verses, which is where BARS is trying to bridge the resource gap.

There'll be audio effects like auto-tune, in case you happen to be a T-Pain fan.

“Audio production tools can be complicated, expensive and difficult to use. With BARS, you can select one of our professionally-created beats, write lyrics and record yourself dropping bars. BARS auto-suggests rhymes as you’re writing to keep your flow going.” Facebook says that each week, the BARS app will add new beats created by professional producers from all across the globe.

In addition to background beats, users can also choose to play with visual filters to spice up their videos and boost their chances of getting discovered. Additionally, it will help with rhyming suggestions as well. The app is already listed on the App Store

, but it is currently in the early access phase, which means you have to sign up and wait for the waitlist to clear.

Heck, it will even suggest rhyming words to finish your rap masterpiece.

And just in case you’re wondering, NO, you DON’T need any prior rapping experience. As mentioned above, BARS is for amateurs who want to break into the rap scene and aim to get discovered. There is also a challenge mode in the app to let aspiring rappers sharpen their skills, while the freestyle tool will automatically suggest word cues to add more lines to your rap lyrics, thanks to an in-built rhyming dictionary.


The premise sounds similar to TikTok, where you pick a track from its licensed library and make a video. In case of BARS, the library will consist of beats that will go with your verses. Similarly, there will be two sections at the top – Featured (popular videos promoted by the algorithm) and New (content from creators you follow). However, it is unclear when the app will make its way to the Android side of the ecosystem.

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