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Facebook will urge users to allow activity tracking as stricter Apple policies go into effect


Facebook has been at loggerheads with Apple for while now, but in the past few months, the war of words between the two companies has escalated rapidly over App Store privacy policy updates that will allow users to opt out of ad tracking. Apple has maintained that users must be given a choice and that apps to disclose all tracking and data collection practices via ‘app nutrition labels’ on the App Store. Facebook, on the other hand, is accusing Apple of anti-competitive practices and says that the new policy will hurt small businesses. With Apple refusing to budge, Facebook will now urge users to enable activity tracking to serve them personalized ads via a prompt.

As per a CNBC report, Facebook will start showing a prompt to some users starting today, urging them to enable activity tracking in order to provide them a better ad experience. Of course, users will have the choice to deny the request, or choose to accept it if they want Facebook to collect their data across apps and websites.

Image: Facebook (via CNBC)

Users will still have a choice to enable or reject activity tracking

A screenshot of the prompt shared with CNBC suggests the social media giant will ask users to use their app and website activity to ‘get ads that are more personalized’ and ‘support businesses that rely on ads to reach customers’ via two separate points of persuasion. “These prompts will appear on Apple users’ screens immediately before the Apple pop-up appears,”

adds the report.

“To provide a better ads experience, we need permission to use future activity that other apps and websites send us from this device. This won’t give us access to new types of information,” says the prompt. However, the language might change down the road. To recall, Facebook resorted to full-page newspaper ads

criticizing Apple, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone on offensive multiple times lately, calling Apple a key competitor and accusing it of favoring its own platform to generate ad revenue while choking the competition.

Apple, on the other hand, has maintained that developers and businesses that fail to comply with the new privacy policies will risk getting their apps banned from the App Store. Last week, it was reported that Facebook is planning to file an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple alleging abuse of absolute control over its app ecosystem and forcing developers to abide by policies that can severely hurt small businesses.

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