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Facebook says it was blocked from telling users that Apple took a 30% fee for online events


Earlier this month, Facebook unveiled a new feature that will allow businesses to hold paid online events and also announced that it won’t charge any fee for it. However, Apple was adamant about taking its standard 30% App Store fee, so Facebook decided to tell users about it via a message on the purchase page. Well, Facebook now claims that Apple blocked it from showing that message, calling it irrelevant information.

“Now more than ever, we should have the option to help people understand where money they intend for small businesses actually goes. Unfortunately Apple rejected our transparency notice around their 30% tax but we are still working to make that information available inside the app experience,”

Facebook was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Facebook reportedly asked Apple to forego the 30% App Store fee so that small businesses struggling during the pandemic can get the full share of the money that they raise via paid online events. However, Apple was not happy about it and made Facebook remove the transparency message, which originally appeared in the mock-ups but is not currently visible, now that the feature is live.


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