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Facebook is handy but not necessary for Oculus Quest


Oculus Quest

Best answer: Using a Facebook account with Oculus Quest is not necessary to play. All you need is an Oculus account.

For finding friends, not necessary for VR

Facebook is handy for friends but isn't needed for Oculus Quest. The main perk of using a Facebook account is to find your friends online. If your Facebook friend has an account, you'll be able to find them without searching for their specific username. This can make it much easier to find friends to game with, and it lets you see who else has a VR headset. If you're interested in co-op gaming, Facebook makes it easy. However, if you aren't interested in adding friends, then an account isn't needed.

Logging in

There are a couple of steps to setting up your quest:

  1. When you first set up your Oculus Quest, you need to log into Oculus.
  2. You have three options available to you: use a Facebook account, use an Oculus account, or create a new Oculus account. This means that while you certainly have the option of using Facebook to log in, it isn't necessary.
  3. If you do decide to log in with Facebook and then change your mind, it's also easy to unlink your account down the line.

Facebook is Oculus's parent company, so it isn't surprising that they want you to link your Facebook account when playing. They also give players benefits for taking that extra step and linking to their account. Along with finding your friends, you can also share videos and livestream to Facebook. You can even browse through your photos and videos in VR. Plus, there are exclusive events that are only open to you with a linked account, like exclusive concerts and screenings. So, while it isn't necessary, there definitely are benefits to it.


Untethered VR

Oculus Quest

No wires, no problems

The Oculus Quest delivers an excellent VR experience with no wires. With exclusive games and everything right in one box, it shouldn't be missed.

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