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F150 B2021’s software innovations are like an icing on the cake!


We all would’ve at some point, thought of buying a rugged phone and for most (or all) cases the price/specs would be a discouraging factor. Well F150 is one company that heard the fan by launching a compelling rugged device – the F150 B2021.

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A day or so ago, we’ve covered the B2021 highlighting its design. In case if you missed, go check that out to know more about the device in general as now, we’ll go through the software side of the device.

Dedicated F150 Key

The B2021 is backed with an optimized Android 10 operating system. It’s a rugged phone, so the least we could expect is an option to switch between normal and outdoor mode. With the dedicated F150 key, the user can do the very thing. All you have to do is to long-press the F150 key to switch between these modes. Repeatedly pressing this button will activate the emergency sequence, which will play a loud SOS alarm while continuously flashing the flashlight.

Real-Time Dynamic Measurement

While in the F150 mode the contents of the “toolbag” will be displayed on the home screen. This includes the following.

  • The Compass po ints towards the destination instead of the North. It will also display the instantaneous latitude and longitude.
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  • The Power Manager widget frequently updates you with the power consumption rate. You can switch to either power-saving mode or extreme mode depending on your battery level.

Essential Tools in the ToolBag

The tools in the toolbag of the B2021 is what makes it stand apart from the other rugged phones. All the apps in the toolbag prove to be functional in one way or other. The phone is equipped with 4 kinds of sounds effects: Alarm, Dog bark sound effect, Engine sound simulator, and the SOS alarm. We don’t know why these sounds are there in the phone, but we hope it might have something to do with security. Also, we hope these sounds might come in handy when you’re roaming the wild.

Additionally, the toolbag provides you with some useful tools which will work flawlessly even while offline. The tools include a Torch, Compass, Protractor, Plumb, Fs-Clock, Timer, Voice Simulation, Step-Counter, and Magnifier.

UI design that perfectly blends with the hardware

A lot of attention has been put in while designing the UI. As you can see the octagon element is persistent everywhere in the B2021. Even the app icons are in the shape of an octagon. Most of the widgets, apps, and texts are all in yellow outdoor colour. The shape is also integrated into the boot animation, UI design etc.


That being said, on the software side, the device is equally “rugged” as it’s outside with stong features and customized UI blending well with the external rugged design.

The original price of B2021 is $199.99 on Aliexpress and Bangood. But, we could expect 55% off as an introductory offer from these retailers bringing down the rate to $109.99 in initial days. If interested, you may register on its official website.

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