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Ever wanted to Schedule Send Messages? You’ll soon be able to on Android


Google is making Android phones more secure and convenient for users. It is also introducing the ability to schedule send messages so you can send birthday wishes to your best friends at exactly 00:00 hours while you are asleep. The feature will work on phones running Android 7 and newer. It will especially come in handy for users who have loved ones living in another time zone or on a different schedule.

With schedule send, you can compose a message ahead of time when it’s convenient for you, and schedule it to send at the right moment. Just write your message as you normally would, then hold and press the send button to select a date and time to deliver your message.

Google is also expanding its accessibility features with TalkBack, the Android screen reader. Using spoken feedback and gestures, TalkBack makes Android even more accessible. It opens up a full phone experience without needing to look at your screen. Google says it worked closely with the blind and low vision communities on this revamp of TalkBack to incorporate the most popularly requested features including: more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu, and more.


The US company is also giving you more ways to use your phones hands-free. You can do things like use your voice to make calls, set timers or alarms and play music hands-free. Assistant now works better even when your phone is locked or across the room with new cards that can be read with just a glance. You just need to say “Hey Google, set an alarm” or “Hey Google, play pop music on Spotify.” To turn on this feature, you need to turn on Lock Screen Personal Results in Assistant setting and say “Hey Google ” to send text messages and make calls.



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