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Enter to win the ultimate cryptocurrency package valued at more than $12,000


Looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency, or do you already deal in it and would like to add to your balance? You have a chance to win more than $12,000 in cryptocurrency and related items with your donation to charity.

Your donations will go to the Playing for Change Foundation, which brings music to communities in need around the world.

And what exactly could you win?

For starters, you’ll get $8,000 worth of Bitcoin, and $2,000 in Ehtereum on Coinbase. You’ll also get a high-security, standard Leger X Hardware Wallet to keep all of your crypto assets safe and secure.

But what if you know nothing about cryptocurrency? What are you supposed to do with this new windfall? That’s where this prize package really pays off.


You get three extensive cryptocurrency and investment training bundles designed to educated you on everything about investing, trading and managing your crypto assets. The courses cover 22 different topics, with 85 hours of training from experts in the field. These training sessions are valued at nearly $2,500, but they’re yours for free as part of the prize.


In total, the prize package is valued at $12,512.

So how do you enter? Just click the donate button, and you’re in. You have a choice of how many entries to purchase, with the odds of winning increasing with each entry. You can purchase:

Prices subject to change

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