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Enjoy a refreshing beverage with up to 40% off SodaStream for Prime Day


Feeling parched this Prime Day? Make your own flavored sparkling water at home with this Prime Day sale featuring up to 40% off SodaStream soda makers. The prices start as low as $47.99 for the basic SodaStream Jet sparkling water kit. This version of the Jet normally sells for $80 and has never gone below $50 ever.

Of course that one doesn't come with a whole lot of extras. You can upgrade to the SodaStream Fizzi bundle. It includes some extras like muiltiple 60L CO2 cylinders, three 1 liter reusable carbonating bottles, and two 40 ml fruit drop bottles. The Fizzi is on sale for $95.99, which is a crazy low price compared to its normal $150 price. This bundle has never sold below $100 before, either, so it's an all-new low for Prime Day. Pick between several different colors, too.

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Drink in the savings

SodaStream Fizzi and Jet sparkling water makers

The bundles come with all you need to make sparkling water at the push of a button. You get the maker itself, some CO2 cylinders, carbonating bottles, and fruit flavors. You can refill the CO2 cylinders when they run out instead of buying more.


Up to 40% off

SodaStream is really easy to use, and it's a great alternative if you're trying to stay hydrated but you're sick of regular water. The fruit drops are generally zero calories but help add some flavor, so it's like making your own soda at home. Since the soda makers are powered by the CO2 cylinders, they're extremely energy efficient. Plus, you can refill the CO2 without buying new ones. Although they do last for quite a while so that shouldn't be a problem.

The bottles snap onto the machine so it's easy to tell when they're ready to go. Just pick your favorite flavor. The different bundles come with different types but you can always buy a variety pack or two to keep things interesting.

These make great gifts, too. They're easy to use and can be nice for a family, especially a family with kids that insist on drinking soda instead of water. This is a much healthier alternative and maybe the kids can have some fun with it making their own soda at home.

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