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Embark dog DNA and ancestry kits drop to all-time low prices for Prime Day


Whether you've recently adopted a sweet angel with a mysterious background from a local shelter, or you've always just been curious about your little fur baby, Prime Day is the perfect time to pick up an Embark Dog DNA Test Kit to discover some answers. It's on sale during the two-day event with prices from just $99. The Breed Identification version of the kit is down to $99, a $30 discount, though the deal won't last for long. Just a simple cheek swab will identify your dog's breed and help you discover more about their ancestry.

Barkin' bargain

Embark Dog DNA Test

Embark lets you discover your dog's true breed from over 250 possibilities with the most accurate breed breakdown on the market. It can also be upgraded to screen for over 170 genetic diseases like glaucoma and takes just 2-4 weeks to see results.

$99 $129 $30 Off

This test will tell you your dog's family tree, as well as what other similar breed mixes look like. Seeing the breeds your dog inherited will help you understand their personality along with what keeps them happy. Do they need a lot of exercise? Are they food-motivated? Do they like a good brain tease? Adapt your care routine based on their breed results. You'll get your results within about a few weeks of sending in the test.


At any point, you can upgrade to Breed + Health to see if your pup is at risk for 175+ genetic health conditions as well as a full report on your dog's physical traits to understand why they look the way they do. From drug sensitivities to glaucoma, you'll know more about what to expect as your dog gets older. You can even use this kit with a puppy to gain clues as to how big they'll get or their eventual coat color.

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