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E INK Kaleido 2 rebranded as Kaleido Plus, arrives with brighter colors and other improvements


E INK has officially rebranded the Kaleido 2 or New Kaleido, which will now be known as the E INK Kaleido Plus. Apart from the new branding, the print color display based device also arrives with various improvements.

As per a GoodEReader report, the Kaleido Plus offers brighter colors, which is thanks to its new printing pattern that brings the color filter closer to the ink layer. Furthermore, the color gamut has also been increased by over three times. This was enabled due to the improved front light illumination, which scatters lightless to offer better color saturation. In other words, the text is also crisper cause of the way the CFA produces white and black. For those unaware, the Kaleido Plus is the latest generation of print color display technology.

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The Kaleido Plus also sports a 7.8 inch display, which is larger than the 6 inch variant from the first generation. The company is expected to launch the new iteration soon. Johnson Lee, E INK CEO stated that “We took our customer’s feedback from our initial launch, and incorporated it into this upgrade, bringing a new level of color saturation to our color devices, and we look forward Kaleido Plus being adopted in the eTextbook market in the future.”


He further added that “We are happy to expand our product line of color devices, presenting a new 7.8-inch PocketBook InkPad Color e-reader with updated Kaleido Plus,” said Evgeniy Zaitsev, Chief Sales, and Marketing Officer, PocketBook. “The world’s market of eContent is growing in terms of volume and diversity. There is more and more eContent with illustrations which require color, like comics and books for children, non-fiction and periodicals.”




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